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Welcome to the most student-friendly Japanese course ever! If you think, that studying Japanese language must be difficult and tiring – you are mistaken! I will show you the easy way to get the skills necessary to communicate in that beautiful language. This Japanese lessons are easily understood and supported with numerous examples and dialogues. During the course, you can get familiar with the Japanese alphabets (hiragana and katakana) as well as kanji, Japanese numbers, Japanese vocabulary, Japanese grammar, Japanese sentence structure, and common Japanese phrases. For your convenience, I shall soon enable an interactive Japanese-English dictionary, including example sentences. Remember, if you really want to learn Japanese language – you can do it! And I am here to support you and to provide you with many useful suggestions, games, and other exercises, so you can have a lot of fun studying Japanese with Nihongo-Benkyo.com course!

So, let’s start our language journey, we can reach the aim together!


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